well i really wasnt expecting easter to go this way ‘-‘

the two of them are still pretty sick. my sister is feelin the worst, she wont be able to eat anythin bein made tonight, but like if she keeps throwing up everything theyll have to take her to the doctor. this gurl always gets it the worst

im still trying to wrap my head around how the hell did these two get effected so badly by what they ate, but i feel fine???? because we shared a few things with each other last night. like ive been waiting for myself to start reacting badly as well, but i woke up with nothin in my stomach this morning so i guess im good. /shrugs

man im feelin so bad for my sister and her friend cause what they ate tonight got them sick

i had a taste of that frost ace event and now i want more ‘-‘



Madoka Magica witches in Collage form, including Gertrud, Charlotte, Elly, and Elsa Maria.

That was fun. I might do this again sometime with the other witches.

first of all how dare you


the a in lgbtqa should stand for allies, they deserve the recognition for defeating the axis powers and winning world war 2


Coming soon - Sailor Moon hair clips!

We’ve received numerous requests for hairclips. So we have put our 3d printer to work. These hairclips are printed from pearly white plastic and are a little different than your standard hairclips. There winged part attaches to the metal alligator clip by neodymium magnets. This allows for lots of versatility, and makes them really easy to place and position in your hair. You can actually hide the metal clip within your hair, and place the winged part over top of it (as illustrated in the first picture). They are also fairly light weight and comfortable, I often forget that I am wearing them! ^___^;; We kind of went through all our plastic while we were printing our prototypes, so we hope to have them up in the shop next month. We plan to sell them for $25/pair.

Also, just a reminder that I opened some pre-orders for most compacts and necklaces.

where did this come from and why can’t I stop saying it (via alphaidiot) ←

im gonna try act 7 on my own

wish me luck!!! >:0